The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Back in October, M and I explored the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando! I realize that I’m publishing this now, like 700 years after the fact, but hey, that’s what #throwbackthursday is for, am I right? (OK, so usually #tbt is reserved for social media, but I’ll go ahead and slide a post […]

Sun & Surf in Cancun

For Christmas, I decided to gift myself a trip to the beach. My only requirements were gorgeous ocean water, warm weather, an all-inclusive deal, an absence of children, and a glorious king-sized bed. I found everything I needed and more at Secrets the Vine in Cancun, Mexico! You can’t imagine my excitement as my departure date […]

Myrtle Beach ♥

A few weeks ago, my honey and I went to North Myrtle Beach for my birthday. (Shouts out to us August babies!) Keen for a little sand, surf, and sun, we piled ourselves into the car at the crack of dawn on Friday, bound for South Carolina. Myrtle Beach has been a special place for M since […]

Exploring The Biltmore

On our final day in Asheville, we decided to take a quick peek at a tiny little cottage called The Biltmore. Really, it’s so small, you might not even notice it. Sure, they like to call it an “estate” and toss around stats like “America’s largest private home” and “it sits on 8,000 acres”. But in reality, it’s […]

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

On Saturday, we were up before the sun. Getting dressed in a half-sleepy daze punctuated by jolts of excitement. We were going hot air ballooning! This has been a bucket list item of mine since the turn of the century (lol), and now it was happening. But I’d fantasized more about the amazing view than the reality […]

Weekend Getaway to Asheville, NC

I’ve got a confession: as much time as I’ve been city dwelling in Atlanta, this is my first time visiting Asheville. Considering that several of my friends absolutely love it there, I’ve been meaning to check it out for quite some time! So last weekend, my friend Natalie and I threw our bags in the car and hit […]

Final Days in Panama

Did I mention I had a ball in Panama? Relaxing in the 80 degree weather in January was exactly what the doctor ordered for me. I splashed in the ocean with a glee usually reserved for a toddler running toward an ice cream cone covered in sprinkles and gummy bears. And I’m really glad that I was […]

San Blas Islands, Panama

They say the early bird gets the worm, but on the morning that I visited the San Blas Islands, I think I was awake even before the early birds. We were on the road before dawn was even cracking. Winding our way through quiet city streets and still air, as the sun rose. I was riding shotgun […]

Perfect Weather in Panama

Hello from Panama!  Yes, it’s true. I’ve actually pulled myself away from bustling Atlanta for a few days. Not that that was a hard choice to make. Right after the New Year, it really settles in for me that winter is well and truly underway, which means I have to summon all the willpower I possess to not go into full […]

Ski Trip at Beech Mountain

With the last few days of 2015 drawing to a close, I was enjoying the scrumptious leftovers from a particularly gluttonous Christmas, when my friend Dayvee invited me on a ski trip with her in the mountains of North Carolina. As a professional journalist, she often goes on press trips around the world, and this time […]

Miami Beach Kizomba Festival 2015

I’ve been meaning to publish this post for ages, considering that it happened back in August, but September and October are always super busy for me. And I knew I didn’t want to half-ass this post. It is important for me to do it justice, because the Miami Beach Kizomba Festival was my very favorite vacation ever.  That is quite […]

New York for Nomadness

Earlier this year, I joined a vibrant online community called the Nomadness Travel Tribe, which brings together over 11,000 people of color who have a likeminded obsession with world travel. Is obsession too strong a word? Perhaps it is a bit strong. But it certainly hits the mark. The people in this group don’t have […]
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